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Our Ethos

Television Sillouhette


Innovation is in our DNA.  Bringing experience and fresh voice to one of the most prominent yet undervalued guest amenities, the telev8 mission centers around four key principles:

  • Revolutionizing the guest TV viewing experience

  • Delivering unmatched value to programmers

  • Reinforcing brand loyalty

  • Dramatically lowering costs for hoteliers


Traditional guest viewing habits have shifted and the cord cutting era has begun.   

telev8 is answering that change by revolutionizing delivery and monetization of the very best of Live TV.   By collapsing legacy architectures and burdensome distribution models designed to pass unnecessary costs to the venue, telev8 delivers significant value to its partners and hospitality stakeholders, elevating the Live TV experience tailored for tomorrow's guest.

Old Televisions and Radios
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